Social Media Detox

I wouldn’t consider myself the heaviest social media user out there, but I definitely log at least an hour a day on socials apps and sites. Lately, while scrolling through Twitter I started to wonder, why am I on here? I don’t find any of the content particularly stimulating, and I feel like I spend so much time curating my feed since whatever system controls what I see doesn’t seem to understand who I am. The same goes for Facebook. I feel like I spend more time removing folks from my news feed, marking ads as irrelevant, and being stirred up emotionally by content that’s there just to bring about a reaction and start a conversation that I may not want to be a part of than actually seeing the content I want. I miss seeing what my friends were up to. I miss seeing photos of people who don’t live near me anymore. I miss being social, especially during a pandemic when in-person socialization is a hot commodity.

So why would I subject myself to these environments? Why spend time scrolling through feeds that just leave me feeling worse? I guess it’s primarily been to find that glimmer of hope. The needle in the haystack. Those posts are becoming less frequent though. There is also the fear of missing out. (FOMO) What if someone posts something important and I don’t see it because I deleted my account or ignored social media!? Then it dawned on me. If something were so critical that someone wanted me to know, they would likely not use social media to contact me. At least I hope so!

For reasons I mentioned above, I’m deactivating a few of my social accounts. Twitter, and Snapchat have been deactivated. Facebook I only plan to use for groups, events, and birthdays I always seem to forget 😉 . Instagram will remain my go to for daily perusing and LinkedIn will strictly be used for their LinkedIn Learning courses that I use for work. I think I’m ready for this mental break. Maybe I’ll actually write more often on the blog with the time I’ll save. Maybe I’ll just go back to my old ways. Honestly, I can’t be sure just yet what is going to come of this!


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