2021 – Choose your own adventure

New year; new possibilities. Honestly you can experience new possibilities anytime you want. Doesn’t just have to be once every 365 days, except on leap years. Somehow though, we all buy into it. We open our crisp new calendars and notebooks and self help journals or Facebook and start making resolutions to change our lives. Many of these resolutions are DOA, but some make it further into the year, and some even see themselves to completion.

I believe the reality is this is just human nature. We want big change now and many times want these changes for the wrong reasons. Don’t join a gym because it’s a new year and you think your crush at the local town shop won’t appreciate your dad bod. Don’t vow to do some thing everyday that you don’t want to do in the name of creativity or self development. While I’ve begun to believe the time to start changing your life or trying to reach a new goal is the exact moment it pops into your mind, the reality is many of us humans love to start things on Mondays, New Years, or when seasons change because it feels like a new beginning and that’s fine!

I have some suggestions for 2021 as you begin to reflect on what you want your year to look like:

  1. When you think about a new goal or resolution, ask yourself who you’re doing it for – Most of the time the answer should be yourself. Don’t lose weight to please others. Don’t learn new skills unless you want it for you. Do it for you!
  2. Take it easy on yourself – If you want to lose weight because it’s affecting your health, great! Me too! But don’t beat yourself up if you slip up. Find a routine that works for you! If you fail a test for an online course, study harder! Failure is a part of the journey.
  3. Practice gratitude whenever you can – Especially on days when you feel like your goals and resolutions are so far out of reach.
  4. Ask for help when you need it – There is no need to go it alone!
  5. Don’t be afraid to say no if someone asks you for something – Especially if it puts more urgent needs of yours on the back burner. It’s okay to say no to plans or helping someone with something that is not urgent if your needs must take priority. Helping people is something we all should be doing, but we can’t help others if we don’t first help ourselves!
  6. Celebrate your success and reflect without judgement on your failures – Failure is a representation of you being vulnerable and being vulnerable is being courageous. You can’t fail if you never try, nor can you succeed!
  7. Don’t doomsday scroll – it’s not helping you. I promise. Set aside specific times throughout the week to check the news and otherwise ignore it!
  8. If you find yourself procrastinating on your goals – Ask yourself if the task is too hard or perhaps its not interesting enough? Check out Matt D’Avella on YouTube! He has helped me so much! Memes and social media are fun, but will they help you reach your goals? If you’re on an endless YouTube binge, maybe your goals are too hard and your brain is anxious or maybe they aren’t challenging enough and you’re just disinterested!
  9. Let your goals and resolutions evolve with you throughout your year – Situations change! We all witnessed our entire way of life change last year so be flexible with your goals and yourself!
  10. Set proper expectations – I know we’re all putting a lot of pressure on 2021 because of how last year went, but remember to set your expectations appropriately. Covid is not going anywhere anytime soon and we’re all in this together so be kind to each other, even the Karens of the world. If you don’t let them get to you and show them compassion, who knows, they may retire their Karen ways and become a positive member of humanity.

Lastly, here is my list of goals and resolutions for this year:

  • Record and release an album of 6 songs on BandCamp.
  • During conversations with others, listen and try to see things from their perspective without interjecting or becoming defensive.
    • Love my body through regular self-care
    • Eat foods that make me feel good physically and emotionally balancing those needs
    • Meditate to rejuvenate my mind and soul.
    • Get enough sleep!
  • Practice gratitude as much as possible!
  • Focus on doing the things I love as much as time allows!

I wish you all the best with your goals and resolutions and encourage you to share your progress with me! I’m happy to share on my site your success and woes in the form of pictures and blog posts! Let’s all build each other up as we rebuild a sense of normalcy in the coming year!

With love,


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