3 Steps to Take Charge

3 months ago I wrote about my struggles with codependency and binge-eating. My intention was to continue posting weekly about my progress and the things I’ve learned, yet I never followed through. It’s not like I’d stopped trying to work my way through recovery. I journaled. I wrote songs. I took photos that were aContinue reading “3 Steps to Take Charge”

2021 – Choose your own adventure

New year; new possibilities. Honestly you can experience new possibilities anytime you want. Doesn’t just have to be once every 365 days, except on leap years. Somehow though, we all buy into it. We open our crisp new calendars and notebooks and self help journals or Facebook and start making resolutions to change our lives.Continue reading “2021 – Choose your own adventure”

Social Media Detox

I wouldn’t consider myself the heaviest social media user out there, but I definitely log at least an hour a day on socials apps and sites. Lately, while scrolling through Twitter I started to wonder, why am I on here? I don’t find any of the content particularly stimulating, and I feel like I spendContinue reading “Social Media Detox”

My Happy Place

Yesterday, I went to Gooseberry Neck in Westport, MA. It’s been one of the places I’m happiest (aside from Sweden)for a very long time. It’s just so freakin peaceful! I’m not usually a fan of the beach but Gooseberry’s combination of rocky and sandy areas give it a bit more diversity than the typical beach.Continue reading “My Happy Place”

A little nugget of an update.

I wanted to take a moment to update anyone who might actually be visiting the site to let you know that 1) I am alive. 2) I don’t know about other artists and creative’s in my life, but this pandemic has caused quite the dry spell in my creativity and 3) I am working onContinue reading “A little nugget of an update.”

Distractions and Tracking

Currently, there is a Fitbit Charge 3 on my wrist. For any of you who know me this should be shocking. I have been an Apple Watch user since it’s original release back in April of 2015. I love my Apple Watch, but recently, I’ve begun to feel that my dependence on screens, and theContinue reading “Distractions and Tracking”